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Land and Sky Press

Welcome to Land & Sky Press. We are a new publishing enterprise located at the Red Brick Building, part of the Beckery Island regeneration project. This area of peri-urban land sits halfway between Glastonbury (mystical and materialistic in equal measure) and Street, a former shoemaking town known more widely for its retail “village”. For over 150 years slippers and leather goods were made here. Our aim is to publish books that may be of practical use in these often bewildering times. Current imprints are
Redbrick Books and Winding Road Books.

The Rural Planning Handbook

is an essential tool for anyone:

’embarking on the perilous project of establishing an affordable rural home and livelihood in a country that prides itself in being in the vanguard of dysfunctional urban capitalism.’

Red Brick Books

The Rural Planning Handbook aims to provide a basic introduction to more or less everything that someone wanting to live a modest, sustainable, land-based existence in the English countryside might need to know about the planning system. It is designed to help small farmers, smallholders, forestry workers, permaculturists, low impact builders, caravan dwellers and low income people facing planning applications, appeals and enforcement on land in the countryside where they live or work.

Click the link below to look at the contents page and read the introduction (opens in pdf):


Where to buy

You can buy single copies online here from the wonderful (and independent) Central Books.

Trade orders can also be arranged through Central Books.

If you wish to support your local bookshop they can order you a copy. 

If you wish to pay by cheque, you can do so by ordering from Simon Farlie at Monkton Wylde.
More info here

It is also available on Amazon.

Winding Road Books

The Power of Labyrinths 

This book is for anyone – individuals, schools, community groups – who wish to use labyrinths as a simple and accessible tool that will deepen and enrich their sense of the interior and external world. The labyrinth activities and projects contained in this book are vehicles for well-being and spiritual growth in the same way that prayer, yoga, meditation and reflection are tools that can serve folk of all faiths and none.

Click the link below to look at the contents page and read the introduction (opens in pdf):


Where to buy

Coming soon to Central Books ..

For now, order direct from: The Somerset Natural Learning Academy